Diplo Regrets Beefing With Taylor Swift, Says Her Fans Are “Worse Than North Korea”

Mike Wass | March 18, 2015 4:01 pm
Lorde Calls Out Diplo's "Tiny Penis"
Lorde was not at all impressed by Diplo's Kickstarter fund to buy Taylor Swift a booty.

Don’t fuck with Taylor Swift. That’s the lesson Diplo learned after messing with America’s Sweetheart last year. He mocked the 1989 diva’s lack of booty in a string of tweets (he even set up a kickstarter to buy her one) and was subsequently called out by Lorde — her “tiny penis” shade is legendary — and every Swiftie with an internet connection.

“Taylor Swift fans are really crazy,” he told GQ back in January. “They threatened to murder me and stuff. It’s really bizarre, and disgusting. They’re the worst people in the world.” It seems like the frequently-shirtless producer is still licking his wounds from the backlash. He spoke to GQ Style about the fall-out and expressed his deep regret over the incident.

“All I know is, don’t ever get into a feud with Taylor Swift,” the 36-year-old lamented. “She has like 50 million people that will die for her. It’s like an army that’s worse than North Korea. You can’t step into that arena.” Diplo’s final words on the matter? “That was something I was never prepared for… one of the biggest mistakes of my career was definitely fucking with her.”

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