Martin Garrix And Usher’s “Don’t Look Down” Video: Watch Some Nerd Try To Win The Girl

Robbie Daw | March 23, 2015 10:13 am

Last week Martin Garrix and Usher’s “Don’t Look Down” lyric video premiered, and it was actually a pretty fun thrill ride with uplifting visuals featuring a dude who quits his job on the spot and proceeds to fully live his life to the hilt. Today, however, brings the official music video, and it’s not quite as engaging, sadly.

Here we see some nerdy kid working at a fancy resort, wheeling beverages and towels around to the clientele. Enter the hot girl sucking down a soft drink seductively through a straw, whose affection our hero proceeds to try to win through a series of slapstick dance moves and water tricks.

There’s also a bit of camera work where a champagne bottle is positioned to look like it’s going up some poor girl’s ass, which actually might be the best part of this whole thing. Get your rocks off above!

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