Adam Lambert Broods For Rankin In ‘Hunger’ And Talks “Ghost Town” And ‘The Original High’: 6 Photos

Bradley Stern | March 24, 2015 10:05 am
Adam Lambert Announces New Single
Glamberts, get ready — a fresh Adam Lambert era is quickly approaching!

Every day, we’re one step closer to stepping into Adam Lambert‘s “Ghost Town,” the mysterious-sounding lead single from his forthcoming third studio LP, The Original High. And with each step, we’re getting more and more promo — and killer photo shoots, too.

The handsome crooner graces the cover of Rankin‘s biannual Hunger, looking particularly moody and brooding in a spread shot by the acclaimed fashion photographer himself. Inside, he discusses his “very, very personal” upcoming album.

“It’s definitely pop but not bubblegum. We have avoided camp and theatrics and have favoured a darker, more grounded vibe, and at the same time, it will make you dance! Vocally, I think it’s my most tasteful, sophisticated work to date. With Max’s guidance, I approached a lot of it with more restraint than in the past,” he says of the record.

And as far as “Ghost Town”? “It establishes itself in a very earthy, vulnerable way and transforms into a hypnotic dream full of surreal imagery and set to a minimal yet massive deep house beat. The hook will worm its way into your ears after the first listen. Get ready!”

He also talks being a role model — and not intentionally trying to do so: “If my personal empowerment motivates someone to explore theirs, then I’m honored. I don’t consider myself a teacher or better than anyone else, I’m flawed and still trying to figure myself out.”

Check out the full interview over at Hunger, and check out the gallery up top for more photos.