Diplo Confirms A Second Major Lazer Album Due Out In November

Bradley Stern | March 24, 2015 12:39 pm
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Major Lazer already confirmed that a new album, Peace Is The Mission, would be on the way this June featuring Ariana Grandeand Ellie Goulding. But…why stop there?

During triple j’s Drive, Diplo called in to spill the beans about the dancehall trio’s busy plans for the rest of 2015. And while we already know that the group is planning for a June release, they’re already plotting a November follow-up as well. As for why two albums in one year? “People’s attention span isn’t big enough anymore,” the producer admits.

Along with the pop divas already announced for the first LP, you can also expect to hear Gwen Stefani on the second LP.

“We did two songs with her. One we didn’t use her voice on it. We have another song that’s amazing that we’ve put to the second album, because this is a two album series,” he explained. “One [Peace Is The Mission] is out on June 1 and one’s going to be out in November. Her record’s on that one. It sounds like a big classic reggae No Doubt kind of vibe and she sounds awesome on it.” Throwback vibes…exciting!

He also explained that the follow-up would have nine songs as well. “That’s kind of as much music that a person can handle right now. There’s so much music coming out that I don’t want any of these songs to get lost, I want them all to have their own life.”

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[via triple j]