GypJaQ’s “Blown Away” Video Features Azealia Banks And Naked Women As Furniture: Watch

Christina Lee | March 28, 2015 7:07 am
Azealia Banks's "Wallace" Video
The 'Broke With Expensive Taste' rapper watches you in her new video. No, really.

Who is GypjaQ? While a Google search doesn’t reveal much, his new “Blown Away” video makes for a memorable introduction.

When he and featured rapper Azealia Banks aren’t posing for the camera as if at a magazine photo shoot, they sit next to naked women as furniture — a coffee table and bench, to be specific. GypjaQ also yells his cutting lyrics (“Okay, do me a favor / Assassinate yourself”) into a banana phone, an office product that he handles with great, erm, care.

GypjaQ’s “Blown Away” video was directed by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace — the same duo behind Banks’ “Wallace” and “Heavy Metal and Reflective” videos, and an ideal choice for his first major shoot. Watch up top.

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