Mariah Carey And Brett Ratner To Film New Music Video And Movie

Christina Lee | March 28, 2015 8:20 am
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Brett Ratner directed some of Mariah Carey‘s most memorable videos: The runaway bride tale that was “We Belong Together.” The veiled Eminem diss that was “Obsessed.” The campy action thriller that was “Heartbreaker” — an MTV classic.

Now, Ratner (above, center; with Carey and Courtney Love) is in charge of not one, but two projects by the Elusive Chanteuse: a new music video, and a movie — yes, a movie. “One is a movie. We’re doing a movie together, finally, after all these years,” Ratner says to the Sint Maarten-based Laser 101.1 FM. “It’s based on her Christmas song — her biggest Christmas song — and the next one is the next video.”

Of course, that Christmas song would be 1994’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” — her biggest international hit to date. It last topped Billboard’s Hot 100 just last year, and it has reportedly sold more than 14 million copies worldwide, while going double platinum in the United States, Australia and Japan.

When Ratner isn’t talking new projects, Carey herself chimes in to explain what they’re doing in Sint Maarten. Turns out, they decided to celebrate their birthdays together, since they’re only one day apart. Correction, in Carey’s words: “I don’t have birthdays, dahling. I only have anniversaries.”

Listen below.

Mariah Carey & Director Brett Ratner March 27, 2015 by Laser 101 St. Maarten on Mixcloud

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