Jay Z, Beyoncé, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West And More Launch TIDAL: Watch The Utterly Insane Live Stream

Bradley Stern | March 30, 2015 2:45 pm

Last night, pop superstars all over the Internet changed their social media icons to blue in support of TIDAL, the new music streaming service being launched by Jay Z and a whole bunch of his famous friends. Why? Who knows, really…but at least there was a live stream to look forward to today for a good explanation. Right?

Uh, well…the live stream was mostly an odd, yet impressive line-up of today’s biggest pop stars, who are all co-owners (apparently) of the new streaming service. Nicki Minaj! Beyoncé! Madonna! Rihanna! Calvin Harris! Alicia KeysKanye West!

Together, they trotted out on stage to smile and sign a piece of paper for no particular reason. There were vague promises of “experiences” and “high quality music” to come from TIDAL according to Alicia Keys’ weird, enthusiastic speech about the greatness of music, but let’s be real: We have no better sense of why one would ever subscribe to TIDAL than we did this morning. Amazing!

Still, the stream is entirely worth it to watch Madonna straddle a table to sign the contract. Queen Of Autographs!