Bella Thorne Scrapped Her Debut LP Because She Didn’t Want To Release “Auto-Tuned Bad Music”

Mike Wass | March 31, 2015 5:08 pm
Bella Thorne Drops 'Jersey' EP
Bella Thorne is the latest Disney actress to move into music. Listen to her 'Jersey' EP.

Bella Thorne dropped her debut EP Jersey late last year without much fanfare, which is surprising given her status as a teen “it girl.” The Disney diva now reveals that she decided against releasing a full album because she didn’t think her voice — or the songs — were good enough. “I signed this contract with Hollywood Records and I told them I wouldn’t put out my album until my voice was good,” she told WENN. “Because there’s no way I’m putting out… auto-tuned bad music.”

“And so it took a while for my album to come out because my voice was not good enough when I was on [Shake It Up!]… and by the time that I was off the show, my voice from the songs I had already done, I was so much younger, these songs they’re like two years old,” the 17-year-old continued. “I asked if I could re-record them and they were like, ‘No cos we don’t have the budget for that’ and so I ended up cutting eight, nine songs from the album and turned it into an EP.”

Bella’s honesty is refreshing. Most of the tracks on the EP aren’t particularly good, so the mind boggles at the content that missed the cut. That being said, Jersey is something of a guilty pleasure with at least two songs that promise bigger and better things from her next opus. “Boyfriend Material” (penned by Charli XCX) is a hot, utterly enjoyable mess, while “One More Night” (a Bebe Rexha co-write) stands out as near-perfect bubblegum-pop song.

Did Bella make the right decision? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Press Party].

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