Nicki Minaj Heals Little Boy With Her Boobs: Watch The Spiritual Concert Clip

Bradley Stern | April 3, 2015 6:19 am
Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her Ass-ets On 'Pinkprint Tour'
Nicki Minaj's very revealing tour outfits leave little to the imagination.

We already knew that Nicki Minaj‘s buns have the power to charm any anaconda. But did you know St. Onika’s boobs have the power to heal any human too? It’s true — and the supernatural act has been caught right on tape.

During her Pinkprint Tour stop in Belfast, the rapper invited a young boy on stage at one point who quickly burst into tears upon telling her how much her visit meant to him. “I been waiting for this moment for so long!” he sputters. Touched, she then thrust the tiny tearful tot’s face directly into her bosom. And, incredibly, his face went from being twisted up with emotion to a gleeful eyebrow raise upon realizing he’d truly hit the jackpot.

“Get your life from the little boy in this video pls. Look at how he stopped crying wen he laid his head on dem thangz. They have real power beaming out of them that can cure the sick. #Belfast I love u so much. Wow. Life tonight. #ThePinkprintTOUR,” the “Anaconda” diva wrote.

Later on, she posted a comparison photo of Mary & the baby Jesus, and we have to agree: The similarity is undeniable. Blessed 4 Life!

Would you like to be cradled in the loving bosom of Mother Minaj? Sound off in the comment below.

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