Azealia Banks Covers ‘Billboard’, Talks Controversy And Her Next Record ‘Business And Pleasure’

Bradley Stern | April 3, 2015 7:15 am
Azealia's "Ice Princess" Video: Watch
Azealia Banks transforms into Medusa in her latest video, Broke With Expensive Taste's "Ice Princess."

Azealia Banks has often made more headlines by stirring up controversy with her sharp tongue and brutal honesty on social media than she has with her music, which is likely why much of her brand new Billboard cover story is spent discussing her many divisive opinions rather than her current work in the studio.

The Broke With Expensive Taste rapper discusses a wealth of topics, including her rant about middle America in Playboy (“I was making a joke because American culture is very gluttonous”), her rather pro-American choice in celebrity crush (“He’s so fine. Those big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head? I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I want to f– the president’) and whether or not she’s actually a feminist: “I guess so, but I also enjoy men and male attention and I like to show my ass and all that stuff,” she explained.

Banks also shared more of her story as a rising musician. She spoke about Diplo connecting her with XL Records at 17, which didn’t pan out after the label, according to Banks, considered her a “novelty rap chick.”

She also revealed the name of her upcoming Broke follow-up, which she wants to call Business And Pleasure. Why? Because she’s f–king her security guards, mainly.

“I sleep with my security guards. I love security guards. They’re these big meathead bald white guys with blue eyes. And I have had sex with a lot of my female friends. It’s a proximity thing. It’s why I am going to call my next record Business and Pleasure, because I’m always mixing the two.”

Never a dull moment when it comes to Azealia, that’s for sure.

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