Whatcha Say: Madonna, Rihanna And TIDAL Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | April 3, 2015 5:30 pm

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! We hope you’re about to have a wonderful weekend break. But before you head out for the evening, let’s take a look back at the highlights on the pop scene throughout the past few days.

In fact, there was plenty of major pop action to be had, from the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards to the still-bizarre launch of the artist owned streaming service, TIDAL. Did you guys sign up or are you opting out for now? Let us know!

Other big moments of the week included Justin Bieber‘s hilarious Comedy Central Roast, Iggy Azalea spilling the beans (again and again) on her collaboration with Britney Spears, and the ever-controversial Azealia BanksBillboard cover story.

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out some of the week’s best and worst comments below!

:: Hundreds of people weighed in on Madonna‘s weak Rebel Heart album sales on Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’, By The Numbers: Why Isn’t This Album A Hit?, including Victoria M, who found the marketing for the album messy: “I blame her record company and her team of advisers for this. First of all, they were all over the place in deciding the lead single. There were too many directions this album was heading for. The whole excuse of naming the album Rebel Heart due to the fact that it has two sides does not make sense.”

:: Mierszwiak cried for fans to look beyond just sales: “There are many amazing albums that people aren’t buying, just like amazing movies that aren’t record breakers at the box office. Numbers, numbers, numbers! Are we really that shallow and cynical?”

:: poangielsku thought it’s because the album itself is bad: “Are you all listening to the same album I listened to? — twice. Yes, there are SOME good songs on it, but honestly speaking, most of it is terrible.”

:: And Elveryska found the issue to be M’s age: “Its not zero hit songs…it[‘s] because she’s old, and young people will most likely listen to Taylor, Katy or Miley. If Taylor released ‘Living For Love’ it would be for sure number one hit around the world. But you know, one day, Taylor will be fifty, Katy will turn fifty, even Miley and young listeners and music consumers will listen to other new young fresh artists.”

:: Joe A. mourned the loss of Zayn on Nick Jonas Weighs In On Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction: “You Got To Stay True To Yourself”: “It’s nice to stay true to yourself, but I hope One Direction tour 2015 won’t suffer for it! I’m checking them out for sure, but I do wonder what it’s gonna look like on stage.”

:: rmckie713 was unimpressed with TIDAL on Jay Z Launches TIDAL Music Streaming Service, As If We Needed Another One: “HE CAN STUFF HIS STREAMING SERVICE WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE.”

:: Ruben wholeheartedly agreed with Lily Allen‘s critique on Lily Allen Thinks TIDAL Will “Set Emerging Artists Back”: See Her Biting Twitter Commentary: “She is absolutely right. I flat out will not pay $20 a month to stream music. I’d rather continue using free sites or continue getting it for free.”

:: rockpaperscissorsOPRAAAH! was unimpressed with RiRi‘s performance on Rihanna Performs “Bitch Better Have My Money” At iHeartRadio Music Awards: Watch: “That was actually pretty horrible. She’s got to be the laziest performer out right now. The costume, song, ‘dance’, just the presentation…I think I’ll wait a couple weeks to watch my local drag troupe do better before I pretend this song never existed :/”

:: 8XJrKReKiT didn’t have time for Bella Thorne‘s excuses on Bella Thorne Scrapped Her Debut LP Because She Didn’t Want To Release “Auto-Tuned Bad Music”: “Girl. Get over it and release that full album. We need an album out there where we can just let loose and have fun and if the haters hate. Well, let them.”

:: Mike N. was super excited about Charli XCX‘s new sound on SOPHIE Teases Forthcoming Charli XCX Collaboration: Listen: “This is awesome! I love that Charli is always mixing things up and keeping it kind of experimental! I’m ready to hear the full track, because I kind of like how spastic the horns sound in that sample.”

:: And finally, TBellHeights didn’t enjoy the sound of new Will Young quite like the last go-around on Will Young Goes For Soul With “Love Revolution”: Listen To The ‘85% Proof’ Single: “and it feeeeeeeeeeeels not as good as Jealousy.”