Madonna’s “Ghosttown” Video: Watch A Short Teaser Clip

Robbie Daw | April 6, 2015 8:10 am
Madonna's 'Rebel Heart', By The Numbers
Why isn't Madonna's latest album a hit? What went so wrong?

Surprise! About 16 seconds of Madonna’s upcoming video for “Ghosttown” have premiered this morning. And, surprise again! You have to sign up for TIDAL to view the clip. Well, you had to sign up for TIDAL to view the clip initially…now some Madge fans have already ripped the tease and posted on YouTube. (Watch above.)

In the short preview of the video for Madonna’s second Rebel Heart single, we see the singer decked in out in dark boots, a cape and garter belts, with what looks like at least two guns strapped to her legs. During the black-and-white video clip, she’s walking through an apparently post-apocalyptic “ghost town” of sorts.

You know, at least we think this is Madonna — her face is never really shown. You never can tell with that dark horse M.

Watch above and see for yourself.

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