Lady Gaga Tweets As Jo Calderone: Possible New Song Lyric?

Bradley Stern | April 7, 2015 9:08 am
Lady Gaga's "Till It Happens To You"
Lady Gaga and legendary songwriter Diane Warren collaborate on "Till It Happens To You."

Lady Gaga‘s male alter-ego Jo Calderone has pretty much stayed dormant for a little under a year, having last tweeted in May of 2014. But, lo and behold…he’s back!

The New Jersey-bred Italian-American character, who once performed for her at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, returned to Twitter to post two rather intriguing tweets this morning. “A RedOne,” he wrote, “Wait is this news to you. I told you I do this. Crew on check. Green on check. U are who you are so you’re gettin’ dismissed, I am who I am.”

As Little Monsters already know, Gaga recently reunited with RedOne in the studio to work on her highly anticipated follow-up to ARTPOP. Is Gaga using Jo to supply an upcoming song lyric?

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