‘The Voice’: Sia Performs “Elastic Heart,” Kimberly Nichole Rocks A 4 Non Blondes Classic

Caila Ball-Dionne | April 8, 2015 5:52 am

Could this be the year? Could it finally be time for Voice coach Christina Aguilera to break through that super shiny Voice glass ceiling and be the first lady coach to take a contestant all the way? Could the Legendary Xtina finally add “Voice Champion” to her platinum business cards?

If Tuesday night’s performances were any indication, it sort of looks like it. Christina’s team, along with the less impressive Team Adam Levine, competed last night. Team Xtina lived up to Christina’s claim that they would blow everybody out of the water…especially the competition. To be fair, Adam’s team did have some all stars, but overall, it was just no contest.

Luckily for Adam, along with coaches Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton, it was literally no contest, as each team will have an evenly split three winners announced tonight. If there was an imaginary win, though, it would go to Christina. Soak it in, girl: you’ve earned it.

In addition to the stripped down performances from the second half of the Top 20, Tuesday night came with with the announcement of next week’s advisor. Drum roll: Reba McEntire will be joining the crew when the Lives continue.

Speaking of advisors, former Team Christina advisor Sia stops by The Voice to perform “Elastic Heart.” It’s cool, and all, but certainly missing a Maddie Ziegler, or even a Kristen Wiig.

Who needs interpretive dancers, though, when you’ve got these incredible contestant performances ahead? Here’s how they did…

Team Adam: Tonya Boyd-Cannon

Tonya Boyd-Cannon sings an Elton John song for her first live performance. Her rendition of “Take Me to the Pilot” is as energetic as always, though there are times when she is drowned out by the backup track. She adds in a few signature Tonya ad-libs in at the end, which earns her a way-too-long awkward hug from Carson Daly. You’ll get through it, Tonya: he’s just really amped up that his moment to shine is coming up tomorrow.

“I’m such a sucker for anything that sounds like church, and you were bringing it there,” says Christina. “I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“If you’ve never been in a church before, you’ve just seen what happens,” says Pharrell. “You got everybody’s spirit moving in here.”

“The number one thing I always try to tell everybody on my team is do what Tonya does, because Tonya comes out here every time ad thoroughly enjoys herself,” says Adam.

Team Adam: Joshua Davis

Folk singer Joshua Davis is a Battle Round addition to Team Adam. Adam hails the family man as a “deep dude,” and assigns him deep dude song “Budapest” by George Ezra. It would be so much more enjoyable if the worst audience clapping ever didn’t get in the way, but it’s a solid effort from Joshua with a well-paced, slow build.

“Great job singing along with the audience that has the worst timing I’ve ever heard in my life,” says Blake (Amen). “As much as I hate to say it, you’re with the right guy now.”

“Your voice is so soothing. You are very comforting,” says Christina. “Your kids, they must love to hear you sing lullabys.”

“There is something very soothing about your voice,” Adam echos. “What better than to have a voice that makes everyone feel like everything’s going to be alright?”

Team Adam: Brian Johnson

Yet another steal from Team Blake tries his chances on Team Adam. Soulful singer Brian Johnson, a Knockout round steal from the country coach, sings “At This Moment” by Billy Vera And The Beaters. It’s a breakout performance for Brian, who gets closer to finding his style. The crowd can barely contain themselves.

“You just keep getting better every time you get on that stage,” says Blake. “You’re a perfect vocalist.”

“It’s always an amazing thing to see somebody just express themselves and everybody in the room just completely get it,” says Pharrell. “To me, that was masterful.”

“It’s much more important to this guy to sing and to entertain people with his voice and his incredible emotion, says Adam, adding, “That’s why I absolutely love you.”

Team Adam: Nathan Hermida

Adam aims to bring out the inner pop star in his earnest high school senior team member, Nathan Hermida. Nathan sings Nick Jonas’ “Chains,” which proves to be a rough song choice. On top of the lack of personality in the performance, some flat notes really seal his fate.

“It sounded good,” says Pharrell. “You must be having the time of your life right now.”

“There were some issues with some of the vocal stuff,” says Adam. “You get 100 percent for the effort and the fearlessness that you had to show to come out here and really dig in and get up there and perform.”

Lukewarm critique from his own coach? Unheard of. Ouch.

Team Adam: Deanna Johnson

Adam has a total Come To Jesus moment with nervous indie pop singer Deanna Johnson. Like…literally. Not only does he tell her to cut it with the nerves or go home, but also he assigns her gospel song “Down To The River To Pray.” She compares the whole experience to a baptism, and dresses downright angelically for her performance. The whole rebirth thing works, apparently, as Deanna finally breaks through her nerves. Hallelujah?

“What’s happening right now is miles from that moment of no chairs turning around,” says Blake. “That was outstanding.”

“This is the Deanna that we all turned around for,” says Pharrell. “I think you did a wonderful job, ad welcome back.”

“You finally did what I’ve been waiting, dying for you to do this entire season tonight,” says Adam. “It was completely flawless.”

Team Christina: Sonic

When the coaches are on your side, they tend to stay on your side for life (or until eventual elimination). Such is the case with Team Christina’s pop singer Sonic, who falls off-tune time and again with her performance of Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down.”

“You literally just took us on a nice, nice ride with Sonic,” says Pharrell. “When things felt funny to you, you could see yourself buckling down and getting into the core of the note.”

“Her attack coming back from those things was so powerful,” says Blake of her recovery from mistakes.

“I know how much you connect with that song, and I totally felt that from you,” says Christina. “You are such an inspiration for so many people.”

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole

Get ready, because the already phenomenal nightclub singer Kimberly Nichole is about to have the performance of the night. Christina’s steal from Team Pharrell sings “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes, a song that had yet to be done on the show. She dons a rock and roll ballerina leather tutu and leaves it all out on the stage in an emotional, yet controlled performance. A sobbing Kimberly waves to her great grandmother before taking in the coaches’ praise.

“Per. Fection,” says Pharrell. “Perfection because of the incredible depth of soul that you have in your voice and your personality, but the way that you use your instrument, your voice is very close to the sound of an electric guitar.”

“Because of you, Team Christina just lapped Team Adam,” declares Blake.

“With this song you centered yourself,” says Christina. “Thank the universe, thank Linda Perry for the phenomenal, amazing, talented, creative artist she is for blessing you with this song.”

Team Christina: Lexi Dávila

Even if she wins The Voice, there is no way that 17-year-old Lexi Dávila will have a bigger perma-smile on her face than when she practiced with her new coach, Xtina. Lexi, a Knockout steal from Adam (and apparently a lifelong Christina Aguilera fangirl), sings Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself,” her coach’s pick from way back in the archives. Her performance has its strong moments, but there are a lot of audible nerves and shakiness in between them.

“You belonged here, because you’re your best now,” says Adam of his former team member. “I couldn’t be anything other than so genuinely happy for you.”

“You drove that ship. You took it there,” says Blake. “Adam’s team went three laps down because of that.”

“You just made me so, so happy to be your coach, to watch you on this journey,” says Christina. “You nailed it.”

Team Christina: India Carney

Classically trained college student India Carney sings one of her coach’s own tunes, “Hurt.” It’s another stellar performance for team Christina, as India mixes powerful soaring runs with a sweet inflections, achieving amazing results. All four coaches give her a standing ovation.

“That was so entertaining,” says Pharrell. “You just closed the show to me.”

“It was emotional, it was dramatic, it was powerful. I don’t know what else you could have done to make that any better,” says Blake.

“You command an attention that just silences the room. We want to hear every little inflection that you convey with your voice,” says Christina. “You are a special, special singer and I am blessed to have you on my team.”

Team Christina: Rob Taylor

Rob Taylor has made the mistake of reading the Internet comments section, and is now less than confident in his high voice. His coach encourages him to just brush it off, and be his high-singing self during his performance of The Weeknd’s “Earned It.” Any lack of confidence he might have gone into the performance with doesn’t show, and he competently performs the challenging song.

“To me, that is the definition of different. Effortless,” says Pharrell. “That’s how it’s supposed to sound, that’s how it’s supposed to look, that’s how it’s supposed to feel.”

“You put your whole body into every note,” says Adam.

“You have everything from your lower range to your higher range,” says Christina. “Every single time you come out here you do something so unexpected, and I love that about you.”

Although it’s looking pretty rosy for Team Christina’s Kimberly Nichole, India Carney and Rob Taylor, anything can happen when the results are announced tonight. There’s still that coach steal in the picture to round out the two contestants from each team that voters will advance. In between the suspenseful results being delivered for all four teams, Wiz Khalifa and onetime Voice finalist Chris Jamison will perform, and Carson Daly will enjoy his moment in the sun.

Who do you think is moving forward? Let us know below!