10 Amazing Ciara Live Performances To Celebrate ‘The Jackie Tour’: Watch

Bradley Stern | April 10, 2015 5:30 am
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Jermaine Dupri thinks Ciara's new single "I Bet" is a rip-off of Usher's "U Got It Bad."

It’s been a long six years since “I Bet” songstress Ciara last hit the road. And since then, she’s been continuously knocking out some truly killer live performances on daytime TV, late night and award shows all the way up to her most recent performance of “I Bet” at this year’s Black Women Rock on BET.

And so, with The Jackie Tour just a month away now, we got to thinking about all the amazing performances CiCi’s put on since her last Jay-Z & Ciara Live Tour in 2009. These ten performances (in no specific order or ranking, really) ought to be just what you need to get excited to see CiCi in concert.

Check out all the performances, then let us know your favorite live performances from Ciara over the years in the comments below.

10. “Gimme Dat” on Lopez Tonight (2010)

Our original post back in 2010 sums it up nicely: “We finally got to see her perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but that was simply an appetizer. Because it was CiCi’s stint on last night’s Lopez Tonight—where she performed her Basic Instinct jam “Gimme Dat”—that the flexible diva finally pulled all the stops out for. We dig the band. We dig the moves. And most of all, we dig Ciara.”

9. “Love Sex Magic” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2009)

That wig! The disco ball! It’s basically Ciara’s very own take on Madonna‘s “Express Yourself” performance from The Girlie Show. Work it out, CiCi!

8. “Get Up” on So You Think You Can Dance? (2007)

Everyone thought they could dance until Ciara turned up and effective wiped the floor with her unstoppable, ab-crunching moves. And that little boxer dance breakdown toward the end? The definition of underrated genius.

7. “Promise” At The Late, Late Show (2006)

Not every Ciara performance can be a sweat-drenched burst of choreography, which is why it’s so nice to see that CiCi can knock out those bedroom-ready slow jams with just as much impressive ability. Vocals!

6. “Ride” At The Mo’Nique Show (2010)

No props or elaborate set-ups necessary when it comes to CiCi: The entertainer knows how to turn out an eye-popping performance and own the stage with just her floor pounding, hip-thrusting skills alone.