Meryl Streep To Sing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” In Upcoming Movie ‘Ricki And The Flash’

Bradley Stern | April 10, 2015 6:53 am
Lady Gaga's "Till It Happens To You"
Lady Gaga and legendary songwriter Diane Warren collaborate on "Till It Happens To You."

Oscar committee: Pay special attention to this one.

Film legend Meryl Streep has conquered many, many roles in the past, from The Iron Lady to The Devil Wears Prada to Sophie’s Choice, and now, she will be taking on the most important task of her career: Singing a Lady Gaga song.

According to an Entertainment Weekly preview of the upcoming dark dramedy Ricki And The Flash (out August 7), Meryl will play Ricki Randazzo, the lead singer of a cover band who chose to abandon her family and continue down the rock star road rather than be a mother — until she has to return home 20 years later. Dra-ma.

But here’s where it gets really good: “In the film, Streep belts out a dozen sing-along-worthy hits in the film including Tom Petty’s ‘American Girl,’ ‘Wooly Bully,’ Bruce Springsteen’s ‘My Love Will Not Let You Down,’ and even ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga, all recorded before a live audience. ‘We didn’t use playback. We’re not sweetening it up on the soundtrack. It’s performance!’ [director Jonathan] Demme says. “I have to say with our band—I shouldn’t say it—but I want to say what I feel in my heart—Ricki and the Flash blow away every original.'”

This isn’t the first time Meryl’s flirted with Gaga’s catalog, either: She recently name-dropped a bunch of Mother Monster’s tunes in a silly skit for The Late, Late Show With James Corden too!

Does this mean we will eventually see a duet between the duo at some point? Oscars 2016? We’re shaking and crying already.

Are you excited to see Meryl sing Gaga and a bunch of other hits in this upcoming movie? Sound off in the comments below.

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