Rita Ora Applauds Madonna For Standing Up To BBC Radio 1 & Ageism

Bianca Gracie | April 14, 2015 10:38 am
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Back in February, BBC Radio 1 found themselves in a controversy when they refused to play Madonna’s “Living For Love” single. Many called the station out for ageism, but they simply denied the accusations: “Radio 1 does not ever ban artists. Tracks are chosen on musical merit and relevance to our young audience. An artist’s age is never a factor.”

Fast forward to present day, and Rita Ora is praising Madonna for not backing down from the radio station. The UK starlet posted a vintage black + white photo of the legendary entertainer on Instagram, with the caption: “‘Thank you for fighting all these ageist battles, and paving a way, that just maybe one day, all of us “Younger”Artists won’t have too in the future!’ @madonna #ifuckinlovethisbitch#thatswhatlegendsdo”

When the BBC Radio 1 fiasco first went down, Madge responded with this:

“I was shocked. I thought, ‘Wait a second. Shouldn’t it be to do with whether you wrote a good catchy pop song?’ I thought it was so discriminatory and unfair. We’ve made so many advances in other areas – civil rights, gay rights – but ageism is still an area that’s taboo and not talked about or dealt with.”

View Rita’s Instagram post below, and let us know if you agree with her #RebelHeart statement in the comments below!

[via NME]

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