Harry Styles Leaked His Own Nude, According To Ed Sheeran

Bradley Stern | April 14, 2015 12:07 pm
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The show must go on, and the One Direction boys are determined to keep it going!

Well, this ought to keep everyone quiet about the Zayn Malik thing for a minute: One Direction‘s Harry Styles leaked his own nude a few years ago.

Wait, what?! Yes! Apparently true, if friend-of-the-band Ed Sheeran is to be believed.

If you’ll recall, a naked photo went floating around the Internet back around 2012 of a young man who appeared to look like Harry Styles proudly flashing his junk in front of a mirror. Harry denied that it was him at the time…but Sheeran tells a different story.

In an interview with New Zealand’s ZM Online, Sheeran confirmed that it was indeed Harry…and that he did it himself.

“Was ‘Little Things’ written about One Direction’s little things?” Ed read the submitted question aloud — and then came the bombshell of an answer.

“Did you know Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture. He definitely hasn’t got a little thing, so no, I didn’t write “Little Things” about little things. I think it’s amazing. He was like ‘No one knows, so I’m just gonna tell them.'”

Watch the interview below. We’ll give you all a moment of privacy to write your in-depth NSFW 1D fan-fiction at this time.

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