Iggy Azalea Returns To Twitter, Explains Who Wrote “Pretty Girls” & Says Her New LP Sounds Like “Work”

Mike Wass | April 14, 2015 4:15 pm
Iggy Is Directing Britney's "Pretty Girls" Video
Iggy Azalea not only features on Britney Spears' "Pretty Girls," she's also directing it.

And she’s back! Iggy Azalea returned to Twitter this afternoon (April 14) and revealed the songwriting credits for much-anticipated Britney Spears’ collaboration “Pretty Girls.” “The Invisible Men wrote britneys parts and i wrote my own parts plus rewrote parts of the hook,” the Australian rapper explained. So why do the ladies from Little Mix have a songwriting credit? “When the I.M wrote the demo version little mix where in the session and therefore they have remained on the credits.”

“Thats how it works for anyone thats present in the room when a song is written and good for them. love little mix,” Iggy continued. “But don’t discredit me or shade brit. fans have no idea on demo process, songs have many lives before the word hears them.” The 24-year-old then clarified the way “Fancy” was created. (You might remember that Skeme recently tried to claim credit for it in an interview with Sirius XM’s Sway In The Morning).

“Its the same situation as when fancy was called ‘Leave It’ and skeme had a feature verse on it and then we took him off changed the hook up with charli renamed it and he still remains on the credits because he was part of the demo version,” the “Trouble” hitmaker explained. Iggy then expressed her general excitement for “Pretty Girls” and revealed that it will be performed live.

As for her social media situation? “I’m still off social media but i have decided that Im going to do a monthly chat with you guys so we can stay connected,” she tweeted, before leaving fans with this juicy tidbit: “I’m still working on my album and things are going good. ‘work’ type vibes, earlier fans will be happy 2 hear.” Given that “Work” remains a flawless jam to this day, that’s very good news.

See Iggy’s tweets:

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