Miss Velvet’s “Cincinnati Street” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | April 15, 2015 7:49 am
Miss Velvet Interview
Find out more about the mysterious NYC singer via our Q&A.

In March, Idolator premiered Miss Velvet’s single “Cincinnati Street,” a trippy collaboration with Pnau and Empire Of The Sun musician Nick Littlemore. At the time, Miss Velvet told us the following of her work with Littlemore:

“We met one afternoon and talked all about the ideas of writing just one song or two. An hour later he and I decided that he would produce my first full length album. I told him I wanted to write an album that told a story from lyric to lyric and phrase to phrase — a whole body of work that would capture a specific time in my life, a time when, as a girl, I didn’t understand loss and grieving and the powerful illusions of men and NYC.”

Today we’re continuing the Miss Velvet rollout by premiering the video for “Cincinnati Street,” which plays like a warm and hazy psychedelic dream — or, as Miss Velvet describes it all…

In LA, after days of being lost in other-worldly creative time, Nick and I finally emerged from his small studio in his garden. We had heard something on an old vinyl record that had greatly inspired us and especially this next chapter/song we wanted to put in the album. We sat on this wooden table outside and started working on the lyrics to what would become “Cincinnati Street. ” It had this free time feeling: this wild psychedelic trip where the lyrics and the pacing had to match with the reality vs. fantasy of this make–believe street:  a street where the struggle between the lure of illusion and the darkness behind it plays out. A street  where reality was a form of fiction, but still had all the haunting illusions of faded dreams and shattered past relationships. We must have sat for hours tapping out the rhythm while I chanted these lyrics. The video of “Cincinnati Street” depicts a glance into Miss Velvet’s interpretation. For many months prior to the video, not knowing what these vignettes videos would be used for…I was shooting these experimental expression videos at my home with Luisa Opalesky. When it came time to put together this video, I thought these vignettes could help tell the story perfectly.

Watch Miss Velvet’s video for “Cincinnati Street” above, and let us know your thoughts below!