Priest Get It Just Right With Nostalgic Synth-Pop Anthem “Strong Hearts”: Listen

Mike Wass | April 15, 2015 5:54 pm
Made In Heights' Synth-Pop Gem "Forgiveness"
Made In Heights deliver (yet) another synth-pop gem with new single "Forgiveness."

Priest (formerly X priest X) need to be on your radar. The Florida duo return this week with another shimmery synth-pop anthem called “Strong Hearts.” It picks up where previous singles “The Game” and “Broken” left off — by tapping into a nostalgic vein of ’80s electronica. Only this time, there’s a breeziness and defiance that allows the track stand even taller than the other cuts from their self-titled debut LP (due May 5).

Sounding like a cross between Ladyhawke and New Order, “Strong Hearts” begins gently enough. “It’s morning already and the fog’s burning off with the sun,” Madeline Priest coos over Dave Kazyk’s chirpy synths. The track builds from there into something deceptively anthemic and powerful. “Even though we don’t belong, it doesn’t matter anyway,” the duo’s frontwoman sings in the serotonin-raising chorus. “I never thought anyone could make me want to stay.” Listen below.

Priest’s “Strong Hearts”:

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