Avril Lavigne Debuts Touching Video For Special Olympics Theme Song, “Fly”: Watch

Bradley Stern | April 16, 2015 10:24 am
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Avril has plans to record a Christmas album next.

Avril Lavigne is slowly but surely making her way back to music.

After revealing that the mystery illness she’d been battling for months was indeed Lyme Disease, the “Rock N Roll” singer has returned with a touching new song and video: “Fly,” written for the Avril Lavigne Foundation — Avril’s foundation for supporting youth with severe illness and disability — in support of the Special Olympics.

The sweet, inspirational tune follows Avril’s campaign to support 30 of the Special Olympics athletes competing in the upcoming games for her 30th birthday last year, as well as a visit to a Special Olympics program in Shanghai. The newly released video, which premiered on Good Morning America, includes footage of Avril’s visit, as well as scenes of athletes participating in the Special Olympics. And occasionally, we even get glimpses of Avril recording in what appears to be a home studio. (See that pink microphone? Gotta be hers.)

It’s a touching tribute and, most importantly, a really nice way to see the singer recovering nicely. Sending good thoughts your way, Avril!

Watch the video in LQ below or in HQ exclusively over at GMA, and let us know what you think in the comments below.