This Has To Stop: Selena Gomez Is Pop Music’s Latest Victim Of Body Shaming

Mike Wass | April 16, 2015 3:26 pm
Pink Slams Weight Critics
Pink has slammed critics for commenting on her weight after a red carpet appearance.

Here’s yet another reminder of the double standards facing female artists. Selena Gomez was snapped on the beach in Mexico looking happy and healthy. However, all that social media noticed was a little extra weight on her slender frame. It didn’t take long for the mean-spirited memes to gain traction on Twitter and the 22-year-old soon joined the ever-growing club of body shaming victims. (Current members include Demi Lovato, Pink and Kelly Clarkson).

When you throw in the criticism Madonna receives for simply daring to exist at the age of 56, things look pretty bleak for female celebrities. The message is clear — don’t eat, don’t age and definitely don’t own your sexuality. Happily, the tide seems to be turning — at least, a little. While there was a rush of nasty comments about Selena’s beach look, fans and commentators (of both sexes) were quick to come to her defense. See a selection of tweets below.

See the reaction to Selena’s bikini pics:

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