Vanessa Carlton Makes A Return In 2015: Listen To “Young Heart”

Bianca Gracie | April 20, 2015 10:57 am
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We haven’t heard from Vanessa Carlton since she released her fourth album Rabbits on the Run back in 2011 (save for MNEK covering “A Thousand Miles” for Valentine’s Day this year), but now the singer/songwriter is gearing up for a comeback in 2015!

Carlton is giving fans a taste of what’s to come via her new single, titled “Young Heart.” The song (which is not an official single) is a charming mid-tempo that is filled with acoustic guitar melodies and slightly eerie harmonies. It reflects the sound of Nashville, where the artist currently resides. Carlton’s upcoming fifth LP, Liberman, is expected to be released this Fall via Dine Alone Records. The singer told Esquire magazine:

“I think I’m feeling a little calmer. And I want things to be more ambient. I learned so much from working with Steve Osborne. These two records are a collaboration with him and he taught me so much about, like, the space around sound. I want it to go down easy, like honey. It doesn’t have to be loud.”

Take a listen to “Young Heart” below, and let us know if you’re here for new Vanessa Carlton in 2015!

[via Esquire]

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