Rita Ora And Charles Hamilton Speak Out On ‘The Breakfast Club’: Watch The Interview

Bradley Stern | April 21, 2015 12:52 pm
Rita Ora Has A New Single On The Way
Rita Ora's album campaign is in ruins, but she promises that there's a new single coming.

Yesterday morning, Rita Ora and Charles Hamilton appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk about music, including their new collaboration “New York Raining.”

In typical Breakfast Club fashion, the duo ducked plenty of prying questions about their personal lives —Charlamagne is a notoriously nosy interviewer, after all.

Rita dished about her upcoming expanded role(s) in the Fifty Shades Of Grey sequels, and she also once again came to the defense of Madonna following #DrakeGate. “People like you make people feel like they have to retire,” she sassed the radio jockey after he declared Madonna “too old.” The chat also got particularly heavy once Charles opened up about his high school experience with drugs and a history with bipolar disorder.

Eventually, the two got to discuss their own music at the very end of the interview…and that’s when Rita revealed that her new single’s on the way on May 11 in Europe, and later in July in America.

Back in January, Rita previously said she was releasing a Diplo-produced track called “Testosterone” in March. Whether or not that’s still the song she’s planning to release in May is unknown, but it sounds as though she’s gearing up to return to her solo music grind.

Will Rita break stateside with her new single? Check out the full interview with Rita Ora and Charles Hamilton up top.