Thomas Fiss Returns With “Orbit” — A Killer Collab With Zoe Sky Jordan: Idolator Premiere

Mike Wass | April 22, 2015 9:00 am

Thomas Fiss generated serious buzz in 2012 with soaring pop songs “Let Go” and “Chasing Satellites.” The 28-year-old makes a welcome return with new single “Orbit” (due April 28) — a sultry electro-anthem featuring the vocals of Zoe Sky Jordan. Why does someone else sing lead on his song? We’ll let him explain: “I originally wrote and produced this song for myself with my good friends Zoe and Chris Pramik. But once Zoe started to demo the reference vocal, we all knew she had to stay on the track!”

“Her energy was too perfect to dismiss — it would have been the wrong creative decision to do otherwise,” Thomas continues. “If you listen closely, you can hear my vocals throughout the song, but more as a supporting layer.” There’s another reason he kept Zoe’s vocal: “She sounded way sexier than I ever could.” It’s an interesting move, but it pays off. “Orbit” is a dreamy electro-lullaby that expands and unfolds with each listen.

Thomas Fiss and Zoe Sky Jordan’s “Orbit”:

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