I Am Strikes Deals With Heavy Emotions In “Love Is Just A Way To Die” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | April 27, 2015 8:29 am

A big budget might be non-existent, but I Am Strikes proves the sometimes all you need to make a visually arresting music video is a sense of creativity and a deal of post-relationship pain.

The singer’s debut EP Low Standards is set for a June 23 release, and ahead of that, Idolator is premiering the black and white video for her beautifully haunting piano-and-synth ballad “Love Is Just A Way To Die.” Like  other tracks on I Am Strikes’ upcoming EP, this one was inspired by a bad breakup the Sacramento artist went through.

“I wrote ‘Love Is Just A Way To Die’ at an all-time low, and wanted to translate that with a metaphor less graspable than the song’s lyrical content,” she tells Idolator. “As a result, the concept of the video came naturally to me. Filming with only $250 to my name? A bit more difficult. I spent everything on location —the perfect diner in Truckee — and a cluster of bananas. The video’s execution was a true demonstration of passion mothering thriftiness.”

Watch I Am Strikes’ thought-provoking “Love Is Just A Way To Die” video above, and fine out more about the singer here.

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