Listen To Kiesza Singing “Stronger” From The ‘Finding Neverland’ Concept Album (What Happened To The Jessie J Version?)

Robbie Daw | May 1, 2015 10:51 am
'Finding Neverland' Album
See who's lined up for the concept album behind the hit Broadway musical.

What in the world is going on with Finding Neverland?

Despite raking in decent box office receipts (it made over $1 million in ticket sales last week), boasting the combined star power of Matthew Morrison, Kelsey Grammar and Laura Michelle Kelly and coming packed with an array of excellent musical numbers by Take That frontman Gary Barlow and Grammy-winning songwriter-producer Eliot Kennedy, the Harvey Weinstein-produced Broadway adaptation of Disney’s 2004 film about Peter Pan writer J.M. Barrie failed to score a single Tony nomination earlier this week. (Small consolation: Morrison and supporting actress Carolee Carmello each nabbed Drama Desk Award noms.)

There’s also that concept album featuring pop artists like John Legend, Nick Jonas and Rita Ora singing Finding Neverland songs that was to originally be released on April 21 (over a week ago). We’re told by label Republic that it’s still coming. But while The Hollywood Reporter noted in the latter half of 2014 that Jessie J would be singing showstopper “Stronger” — which, after having seen the production, truly stands out as a magnificent highlight — the song made its way online today and instead features Canadian “Hideaway” diva Kiesza on vocals.

Granted, hearing Kiesza singing a tune composed by Gary Barlow and the writer of Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There’ is still a pretty glorious thing, from a pop nerd perspective. Let’s just hope Finding Neverland continues to at least be a commercial success, if not a critical one, because the music is pretty sublime.

Listen to “Stronger” above and let us know your thoughts on Kiesza’s take on the Finding Neverland song below.

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