Tallia Storm’s “Social Security” Video: Idolator Premiere

Robbie Daw | May 4, 2015 8:00 am

Are you using social media cautiously? Putting a little too much information out there? It’s always best to think of the consequences of such actions, which is a practice up-and-coming UK songbird Tallia Storm is preaching with her housey single “Social Security.”

A young singer with an old soul, Tallia, 16, was more or less discovered by Elton John when he gave her demo a listen three years ago and subsequently invited her to sing ahead of one of his gigs in Scotland. Since then, the teenager has been working on recording her debut release, an EP titled Social Security, which is out on May 10. (Grab it on iTunes.)

Today Idolator is premiering the video for the EP’s title track — a visual that comes with its own customized, Tallia-like emojis.

“The world is being taken over with emoticons right? We use them almost instinctively, without thinking, just ‘hitting’ that button,” Storm tells Idolator. “So we thought we would have fun with the video and create my very own Tallia Storm Emoticons — complete with ‘big hair’ lol!  The song itself is about social media etiquette or in some cases the lack of it. My message is to think before you tweet, before you share, before you hit those buttons! We’ve become puppets to technology really — like, follow, tweet, tweet, repeat — just doing it, pressing buttons for the sake of it. We need some rules i think on social media now. It’s undoubtedly an incredible medium/platform — I personally love it — but I think people simply need to be careful they don’t cross that line, that they don’t share private incidents or spaces or just personal stuff. And, hey — if you can sing and dance along to my song to get that message even better! My little brothers friends are all singing it already, all the time, It’s lovely to see that reaction. I just hope everyone else does too.”

Watch Tallia’s video for “Social Security” above.

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