7 People You Forgot Won ‘American Idol’

Jonathan Riggs | May 12, 2015 10:03 am

Name: David Cook Season: 7 Year Won: 2008 Beat Out: David Archuleta, the sweetest little singer to ever accidentally wander into a gay bar. Biggest Post-Idol Triumph: His self-titled debut album went to #3 on the charts, while a record-breaking 11 of his songs debuted on the Hot 100 all at once. What Went Right: Although his winner’s single, “The Time of My Life,” contained lyrics like “looking for that magic rainbow,” it went Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Plus, Cook, an excellent guitarist, was on the first season which allowed contestants to play their own instruments. What Went Wrong: Perhaps a long-simmering curse cast by Archuleta’s famously aggressive stage dad? Whatever the cause, it actually makes us sad that “Cookie” hasn’t released an album since 2011. The YouTube Verdict: “David Cook reminds me of my co-worker Kennedy.”

Name: Kris Allen Season: 8 Year Won: 2009 Beat Out: Adam Lambert, which caused quite the controversy over alleged vote-tampering by producers. Biggest Post-Idol Triumph: Both his winner’s single, “No Boundaries,” and his self-titled debut album peaked at #11 on their respective charts. What Went Right: His follow-up single, a cover of The Script’s “Live Like We’re Dying,” went Platinum, rising to #18 on the Hot 100. What Went Wrong: Sadly, everything else. None of his subsequent singles charted, and he was dropped from his label after his next album flopped. The YouTube Verdict: “Well his career didn’t seem to live up to expectations. What ya know, life’s a bitch.”

Name: Lee DeWyze Season: 9 Year Won: 2010 Beat Out: Crystal Bowersox, the folksy “Farmer’s Daughter.” Biggest Post-Idol Triumph: He earned Bono enough money to buy a new pair of colored sunglasses by taking a cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day” to #24 on the Hot 100. What Went Right: He beat “The Situation” from Jersey Shore to win a Teen Choice Award. What Went Wrong: Fairly or not, DeWyze became the whipping boy for American Idol fatigue — all of his releases flopped. That said, in 2014, he did place “Blackbird Song” on the second Walking Dead soundtrack. Yay? The YouTube Verdict: “His eyes are cool. No homo.”

Name: Candice Glover Season: 12 Year Won: 2013 Beat Out: Something called a “Kree Harrison.” Biggest Post-Idol Triumph: Presumably, then-judge Nicki Minaj still wants to “skin and wear” Glover, despite the abysmal numbers delivered by Glover’s debut album Music Speaks. What Went Right: Music spoke. What Went Wrong: Fewer people were listening than ever in the history of American Idol. The YouTube Verdict: “She deserves more subscribers. Too bad my generation is a piece of ****.”

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