Coldplay Announce New Album Title & Launch Massive Online Archive

Carl Williott | May 13, 2015 9:35 am
This 7th Album Could Be Coldplay's Last.
Chris Martin explains why the 'Ghost Stories' follow-up could be the band's swan song.

Coldplay have wasted no time since releasing Ghost Stories in 2014, as Chris Martin revealed in December that they’d already begun recording the follow-up. Today (May 13), they’ve officially announced the title in a note to fans. And it turns out the in-progress seventh album has the very same oh-so-Coldplay title that Martin first offered up in that winter interview: A Head Full Of Dreams. If anything, it sounds like some sort of spiritual successor to Ghost Stories single “A Sky Full Of Stars.”

coldplay a head full of dreams album title note fans

The announcement coincides with the launch of The Coldplay Timeline, which they’re describing as “a living history of the band.” This could either be seen as confirmation that this next album will be the band’s last, or optimists might see it as a sign that the guys are reinvigorated and have more to offer fans. Either way, the new project sounds like a pretty massive undertaking, archiving nearly every aspect of the band’s history from the first rehearsal in 1998 up to the present day via an interactive catalog of videos, audio, photos, handwritten notes and more.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this treasure trove for fans is the “first official Coldplay gigography,” which lists every show that the band has played (more than 900) and allows users to upload their own photos from the concerts.

No word yet on when the band plans to release any material from A Head Full Of Dreams, but it’s safe to assume any new stuff will first appear on this Timeline.