Sky Ferreira Announces Summer Release For New Song

Carl Williott | May 13, 2015 12:02 pm

Sky Ferreira‘s film endeavors are becoming an increasingly large part of her career, and now she’s adding a screenplay to her credits. She has co-written a movie with frequent collaborator Grant Singer, who is directing the project. It’s set for a summer release, and if fans are worried this will delay her new music plans, fear not: She’s releasing a new song along with the movie.

Check out her tweet with the announcement:

While it’s unclear if this new track will appear on her forthcoming album Masochism — which still doesn’t have a release date, not that an initial date announcement matters when it comes to a Sky Ferreira project — it at least indicates Ferreira has material that’s finished up and nearly ready for public consumption.

Masochism is, improbably, only her sophomore album, following her long-delayed but completely worth the wait 2013 debut Night Time, My Time. Previously, Ferreira and Singer linked up on the “Everything Is Embarrassing” visual and the controversial “I Blame Myself” video, in addition to several others.