Paris Hilton Delivers An Extended Preview Of Sexy “High Off My Love” Video: Watch

Mike Wass | May 13, 2015 1:59 pm
Paris Hilton's Iconic "High Off My Love" Promo
Paris isn't taking chances with new single "High Off My Love." See her amazing promo.

At this point, Paris Hilton has done more promo for new single “High Off My Love” than Rihanna has done for the entire R8 era. (Modeling assignments excluded). I mean the heiress/iconic pop star rented a billboard on the way to Coachella just to remind fans that she was still making music. That was followed by a seemingly endless stream of Instagram posts about her sexy new visual and a European press tour!

The flawless 34-year-old keeps the momentum going with an extended preview of the stylish, black-and-white “High Off My Love” video. I don’t know if Paris cast a spell over me with all these glamorous teasers, but the song gets better every time I hear it. The “Stars Are Blind” diva has finally found a flattering, credible sound that should, at the very least, find a lot of love in clubs. Watch the year’s most-hyped visual up top.

Are you already slayed by Paris’ blockbuster video? Let us know in the comments below.

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