Lady Gaga Collaborator DJ White Shadow Shades Iggy Azalea On Instagram

Mike Wass | May 13, 2015 4:19 pm
Britney x Iggy's "Pretty Girls" Video
Britney and Iggy head back to the '80s in their amusing alien-themed "Pretty Girls" video.

Isn’t Lady Gaga supposed to be the beacon of online kindness? I wonder then, how she feels about frequent collaborator DJ White Shadow randomly throwing shade at Iggy Azalea on Instagram. He posted a picture of a child being thrown from a car — classy — with the comment “when you hand your daughter the AUX cord but she plays Iggy.” This coming from the man responsible for ARTPOP.

To quote Taylor Swift, “haters gonna hate” — but at least be clever about it. DJ White Shadow’s shade is more dated than his production. The I-G-G-Y hate bandwagon reached full capacity in 2014 and newcomers simply come across as bullies. Let’s give the final word to a pressed Azalean, who left the following reply: “How does it feel when your only known for being personally responsible for having killed @ladygaga’s incredible streak of mainstream success?”

DJ White Shadow’s Instagram post:

I don't have a daughter, but I can relate.

A photo posted by DJWS (@iamdjws) on

Should people in glass houses (when it comes to creating shit music) throw stones? Have your say in the comments below.

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