Watch Miley Cyrus Debut Psychedelic New Song “Tiger Dreams”

Carl Williott | May 14, 2015 7:50 am
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The singer's new non-profit group will benefit LGBT youth.

As promised from the Instagram video showing her rehearsing a new song, Miley Cyrus unveiled new track “Tiger Dreams” at the Adult Swim upfronts in New York City Wednesday night (May 13).

“No one’s ever heard this shit, unless you’ve been in my garage,” she told the crowd before crooning about dreams of being eaten by a tiger and how “those religious fucks will never understand.” With swirls of guitar and synth washes, it’s a psychedelic departure from the hip-hop sound of Bangerz.

It’s unclear if the track is the result of a new collaboration with her pal Wayne Coyne, or if it’s a leftover from her scrapped sessions with The Flaming Lips, but either way, Coyne seems to be involved. First, Miley offered up an anecdote about the song’s title, saying “It was called ‘Tiger’ but as you can imagine, Wayne doesn’t listen much to Katy Perry. And I had to tell him that she already has a song called ‘Tiger.'” (That’s probably the weed’s way of saying “Roar” prominently used the word “tiger.”) Secondly, Stereogum reports that Coyne took the stage for the song.

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Watch Miley perform the new song up top, and below check out a photo of her sparking a massive blunt on stage.

And in case that didn’t remind everyone, yet again, that she’s a “provocative” adult who DGAF and DSTDNA (doesn’t subscribe to Disney norms anymore), she also covered Khia‘s filthy 2002 hit “My Neck, My Back”:

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