Seoul’s “Haunt/A Light” Will Make You Nostalgic For Chillwave

Carl Williott | May 14, 2015 11:41 am
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Chillwave has been gone longer than it was around, but we’re starting to see some acts, whether intentionally or not, referencing that brief moment from the era of Hipster Runoff and blog bands. Montreal trio Seoul is one such band, building up a steady amount of buzz over the past year on the strength of intricate synth-pop songs like “The Line.”

They just wrapped up a tour with Ballet School ahead of the June 9 release of their debut album, I Become A Shade. And now they’ve dropped album cut “Haunt/A Light” to give everyone another chance to discover them before the LP is out.

It’s an impossibly sleek little number that fuses the breezy groove of early Toro y Moi with the tossed-off sexiness of Friendly Fires. If this is what it sounds like to be nostalgic for that nostalgic sound, then we’re all for a second wave of chillwave.

Photo: Daniel Topete