Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video: Watch Her Kick Ass With Kendrick Lamar

Carl Williott | May 17, 2015 5:48 pm

Taylor Swift‘s high-budget friend-harvesting project has premiered. The singer’s star-studded “Bad Blood” video kicked off the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, and the flurry of famous faces was arguably more thrilling than the Hollywood-level visuals. In fact, the weeks of lead-up with the faux movie posters had us thinking it would be some blown-out cinematic adventure — but instead it was just a loose montage of expensive-looking action vignettes.

While we all knew who was going to show up in the Joseph Kahn-directed clip, there was still room for a surprise, as the video was actually a remixed version of the song with a couple Kendrick Lamar verses added to the top.

Check out the blockbuster affair up above.