Billboard Music Awards 2015: The Best & Worst Moments From The Show

Bianca Gracie | May 18, 2015 6:40 am
Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Video
Watch her kick ass with Kendrick Lamar in the anticipated visual!

We don’t know what happened after the year 2013, but music just began to suck in general! And with boring music comes equally tired, drawn-out awards show. The latest ceremony that reminded us of this was the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, which broadcasted live last night (May 17) at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

Sure, there were the typical winners that reflected the Hot 100 charts (Taylor Swift anyone?) and a few decent performances from the night — but were there truly any standout moments? Find out in our review of the Billboard Music Awards below!


Taylor Swift Has A New Man

The “Bad Blood” starlet kind of confirmed her relationship with rumored boytoy Calvin Harris when she hugged/kissed his check before accepting her first award (and her other wins throughout the night). We wonder how Rita Ora felt to be in the same room with her ex-boyfriend and his new, multiple award-winning girl?

It’s Britney…Bitch!

Okay, it’s quite clear at this point that Britney Spears will never return to what she was like in her prime — which is something I think we’ve all accepted at this point. But her on-stage presence for her “Pretty Girls” performance brought back nostalgic memories (and a few tears)! The performance itself was definitely not the best, but Brit-Brit’s enthusiasm is was made it so special. Forget Iggy Azalea and let’s just bask in the fact that the pop princess blessed us with legit dance moves for once!

Don’t Forget About Me!!

Speaking of nostalgia, how great was that “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” performance by The Simple Minds? The band — who was introduced by ’80s teen queen — Molly Ringwald — helped to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club.

The Reminders of Artists Who Could Actually Sing

Let’s face it, the lip-syncing was way too real at last night’s BBMAs! But the ceremony reminded us there are in fact people who know how to sing their hearts out without a backing track! Kelly Clarkson’s rousing “Invincible” performance and Tori Kelly’s stunning acoustic rendition of “Nobody Love” gave us hope for the music industry (and the world itself).


The Cringe-Worthy Opening Monologue

There were obviously more lowlights than highlights last night, but we didn’t expect them to start so early! The show’s co-hosts Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen were the definition of cheesy — thanks to the corny opening monologue that referenced boning John Legend and an odd drinking game. Well, at least this moment happened to (kind of) make up for it…

What Happened With Your Vocals, Dahling? It’s a sad time when you’d rather a legendary diva like Mariah Carey rely on a backing track instead of attempting to sing live. The “Infinity” chanteuse tried her best last night but it did not work out in her favor. We’ll just let this Vine do the talking:

Uh, Censor-y Overload Much?

Whoever was working the censor board for the BBMAs last night needs to be fired…immediately! The only thing I was looking forward to was Kanye West’s performance, and turned out to be a disaster. But it wasn’t the rapper’s fault! Blame ABC and Billboard for blocking out 85 percect of Yeezy’s “All Day”/”Black Skinhead” mashup. Did they even review the songs beforehand? “Black Skinhead” doesn’t even have that many curse words! I felt like I was watching the BET Awards!

Along with the sound f*ck-ups, we could barely see Kanye on stage in the midst of all that fire and smoke. This gif is the only proof we have that it was actually him performing…

What did you think of this year’s Billboard Music Awards? Sound off in the comments below!

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