Hear A Snippet Of Rihanna’s #R8 Opener “Only If For A Night” In Her Full Dior Ad

Carl Williott | May 18, 2015 10:52 am
What's Wrong With Rihanna's 'R8' Era?
Rihanna isn't firing on all cylinders this era. We analyze what went wrong for the diva.

The full ad from Rihanna‘s “Secret Garden” campaign for Dior has debuted, and it features a snippet of new music set to appear on her next album. Like the prior preview clip, there’s no sign of Rihanna’s voice here, but Dior reveals that the song is called “Only If For A Night,” sharing a title with the Florence + The Machine song it heavily samples and warps.

The fashion house adds that the song was produced by Midas and it’ll be the first track on the #R8 album.

The ad was directed by Steven Klein (who also helmed the photo shoot), and it features RiRi strutting through the palace and gardens of Versailles in a variety of gowns from the Esprit Dior Tokyo collection, giving off some Gatsby vibes reminiscent of Beyoncé‘s “Partition” visual. Check it out up top.