Hayden James’ International Hit “Something About You” Gets An Official US Release

Mike Wass | May 18, 2015 4:41 pm
Hayden James Interview
Aussie producer Hayden James talks new hit "Something About You" and his debut EP.

Sydney-based artist/producer Hayden James first made waves in 2013 with chilled-out disco anthem “Permission To Love” in 2013, but landed a much-deserved commercial breakthrough earlier this year with “Something About You.” The sexy, bass-heavy groove found favor on top 40 radio at home and soon climbed the charts in Germany and France. It now gets an official release in the US via Casablanca Records.

What do you need to know about “Something About You”? For starters, there are actually two people singing — Hayden and Australian singer George Maple. “It’s me singing all the chorus stuff and then, you know George Maple? She sings all the verses as well, so it’s like a blend of both of us but pitched down,” the newcomer told me at Coachella. He also set out to made a good, old-fashioned tune as opposed to a club-banger. “It made sense to me to write a song and not a dance track. I’m way more into soulful stuff.”

Listen to Hayden James’ “Something About You”:

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