Taylor Swift Tops ‘Maxim’ Magazine’s Hot 100 List For 2015

Bianca Gracie | May 19, 2015 9:07 am
Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Video
Watch her kick ass with Kendrick Lamar in the anticipated visual!

Taylor Swift has always been America’s pop sweetheart and endless award winner, but now the singer is topping Maxim’s famous Hot 100 List for 2015.

The “Bad Blood” starlet does not necessarily look sexy on the cover of the June/July issue (it’s hard to pair Taylor and sexy together), but the singer’s beauty shines through in the minimal look.

Inside the issue, she touches on topics like feminism, prepping for her 1989 World Tour (which begins on May 20, by the way) and — of course — landing the number one spot on the Hot 100 list.

View Taylor’s Maxim photos in full, as well as pieces from her interview, below.

On Landing The #1 Spot: “It’s really nice and such an incredible compliment. This year has been my favorite year of my life so far. I got to make an album exactly the way I wanted to make it. I got to put it out exactly the way that I dreamed of putting it out.”

On The 1989 World Tour: “We’ve been in rehearsals for months, trying to get the live instrumental versions of these songs to as close to the album sounds as possible. And also you’re lengthening things, creating mash- ups with things. It was fun to play around and get everything sonically right before we got on the actual stage and started doing the choreography. But before all that—probably close to a year ago—we started setting the stage, so that was when the drawing started. Now all we have to do is actually…do the tour.”

On Feminism: “Honestly, I didn’t have an accurate definition of feminism when I was younger. I didn’t quite see all the ways that feminism is vital to growing up in the world we live in. I think that when I used to say, “Oh, feminism’s not really on my radar,” it was because when I was just seen as a kid, I wasn’t as threatening. I didn’t see myself being held back until I was a woman. Or the double standards in headlines, the double standards in the way stories are told, the double standards in the way things are perceived.”

[Click here to read the full interview via Maxim]

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