Adam Lambert Talks His “Ghost Town” Single Versus Madonna’s “Ghosttown” On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Bianca Gracie | May 19, 2015 10:50 am
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When Adam Lambert dropped his stellar “Ghost Town” single last month, it raised a few confused eyebrows from the Madonna stan base as her latest Rebel Heart single is the same name (and dropped around the same time). But on last night’s (May 18) Watch What Happens Live, the singer has now cleared up the drama!

“I had a momentary freak out,” Lambert stated. “My song was already done and mixed, and we decided it was the first single. I opened my album and I see her album, because of the leaks, came out early. I see “Ghosttown” and I was like, ‘What are the chances?’ I’m a big Madonna fan and I didn’t want anyone to think I was coming for her! You know how the gays get!” So there you go, Glamberts!

The pop star also discussed his like for European guys, thoughts on the best and most successful American Idol winners and if he is more into “twinks” or “bears.”

Look out for the Adam’s forthcoming third studio album The Original High on June 16 via Warner Bros, which features “Ghost Town” and his latest — “Underground.”

Catch the singer discussing the Madonna mix-up above, and watch the rest of his interview below!

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