Kelly Clarkson Denies Copying Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” Stans For Weed

Mike Wass | May 22, 2015 12:50 pm
Kelly Clarkson's 'Piece By Piece': Album Review
Find about what we had to say about Kelly Clarkson's new album 'Piece By Piece.'

Kelly Clarkson launched of seventh LP Pieced By Piece in January with perky pop anthem “Heartbeat Song.” Fans loved it but critics noted similarities with Jimmy Eat World’s 2001 smash “The Middle.” In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the first American Idol dismisses the plagiarism accusations. “I didn’t write the song, I just sang it,” she says. “But I didn’t catch that. Nobody behind the scenes did.”

“What’s funny is that I was a huge fan of that Jimmy Eat World album!” Kelly continues. “We actually thought our song sounded like The Postal Service – that was our big concern. I thought it was really cool of Jimmy Eat World to say, ‘Hey, no harm, no foul.’ There are only so many chords.” The 33-year-old also expressed support for a colleague. “I felt so bad for Pharrell when he got sued – he’s a huge fan of Marvin Gaye, and you know he didn’t mean to rip him off. And he’s the sweetest guy ever. It sucks.” Of course, she’s referencing that polarizing “Blurred Lines” judgement.

The enduring diva also took the time to sing the praises of marijuana. “I’m not even a pothead, I just think it’s funny that we legalize something as destructive as alcohol or pills and not that,” Kelly asserts. “Don’t get me wrong, I love me some alcohol, but I don’t know anybody in rehab because of pot. And I know a ton of people that have died either from liver cancer or behind the wheel.” Smoke a bowl while comparing “Heartbeat Song” to “The Middle” below.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song” Vs Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”:


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[Via Rolling Stone].

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