Drake Changes “Madonna” Lyrics To “Rihanna” At Houston Concert: Watch

Christina Lee | May 25, 2015 10:55 am
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Drake changed the lyrics to his song “Madonna” to say Rihanna‘s name during last night’s (May 24) Jungle Tour opening concert in Houston. That is, instead of rapping, “You could be as big as Madonna,” he said, “You could be as big as Rihanna.”

Madonna was flattered by the original, off Drake’s latest project If You Read This It’s Too Late. That track is why at Coachella, the Queen of Pop laid down that kiss that Drake would (inexplicably) wipe away, to her disappointment.

Whether Drake expects a similar reaction from Rihanna, though, he didn’t say. Lately they’ve been polite toward each other, though based on how the crowd reacted, Drake’s fans wouldn’t mind seeing them become more than just friends. Watch below.

[via Billboard]

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