RUUMER (Formerly Known As L2) Relaunch With Anthemic Single “House Of Cards”: Idolator Premiere

Mike Wass | May 26, 2015 9:00 am

Relaunching under a new moniker is a surprisingly common move in pop music. Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and Skylar Grey all released albums under different names before rebranding and hitting the big time. Sisters Melissa and Jessica Labbadia are celebrating a similar rebirth. Formerly known as L2 (you might remember their club hits “Insomnia” and “Boys Or Girls”), the duo now remerges as RUUMER. And they have a hot new track to boot!

Produced by Smarterchild and Michael Miller, “House Of Cards” is a polished power-pop gem that seethes with attitude. “We wrote the song as an anthem for our generation,” Melis and Jess told Idolator. “There’s all this pressure from society to live up to the status quo — everyone’s chasing money or fame. We wanted to write a song that was sort of like a ‘fuck you’ to that. Be present, be who you are.” We’re excited to premiere the inspiring anthem below.

RUUMER’s “House Of Cards”:

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