Katharine McPhee’s “Lick My Lips”: Watch The Video For Her Sexy New Single

Robbie Daw | May 26, 2015 9:29 am
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It’s been a hot minute — or, five-and-a-half years to be exact — since Katharine McPhee released her last pop album, Unbroken. (Blame Smash, the TV series the American Idol alum starred in for two seasons, which became a quick hit, then just as quickly fizzled, for the delay.) She’s getting the ball rolling this week with her third LP this week via the release of new single “Lick My Lips.”

The track comes packed with a funky, retro-’80s dance/R&B vibe that sounds like it was lifted straight off of record by Rick James proteges, the Mary Jane Girls. Sexual innuendo abounds in Katharine’s lyrics, and likewise, the “Lick My Lips” video, which seems to have been heavily inspired by Grease, comes complete with imagery of bananas, whipped cream and cherry pie. Naturally, there’s plenty of bare skin to be seen here, too. (Duh!)

The song is a short one, with a run time of less than two minutes and 40 seconds, and it’s released through indie labels LilyDog Entertainment and Entertainment One. You can grab it on iTunes now.

Give Katharine’s “Lick My Lips” video a watch above, and let us know your thoughts on it below!

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