Miguel Says ‘WILDHEART’ Is About Los Angeles & Self-Love

Carl Williott | May 26, 2015 12:00 pm
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Miguel has been all over the place now that he's getting ready to drop his third album, WILDHEART, on June 30

Miguel recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the details of his forthcoming album WILDHEART (out June 30), framing the album as a love letter to the self, to Los Angeles and to doing what you think is cool.

“I just wanted this album to look and feel and taste like twilight in L.A.,” he told the magazine. “Just light enough to see the beauty, but then dark enough for all of the sketchy shit to happen.” That L.A. sensibility is said to be apparent on “Leaves” and “A Beautiful Exit,” as well as the previously released “NWA.”

The singer explained that WILDHEART is “an ode to love of self…  [and] the ongoing infatuation with whatever you’re fucking into,” adding, “I finally want to have an identity as a tastemaker, as someone who’s ahead of the curve, someone who’s intellectual, someone who’s striving to push the boundaries, someone who’s ever-growing and evolving, someone who’s open-minded.”

In keeping with that theme, he said he felt more carefree making this album than he did on Kaleidoscope Dream. He began working on the follow-up to that critically acclaimed breakthrough back in January 2014, enlisting Kaleidoscope Dream producers Pop & Oak, as well as Benny Cassette and Benny BlancoRolling Stone says all these influences take the album “into stark, atmospheric territory,” which certainly seems in line with the album cover.