Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ Album Turns 5: Stan & Deliver

Bianca Gracie | June 4, 2015 6:30 am

Name: Kirsten Coachman | Location: San Jose, CA | Twitter: @KirsCoachman

7. “Prima Donna”

2010’s Bionic unleashed an unabashedly empowered Christina Aguilera, with songs exuding a whole new level of confidence from the vocal powerhouse. In the shadows of tracks like “Desnudate,” “Elastic Love,” and “Glam” is the Claude Kelly and Tricky Stewart-produced club banger “Prima Donna.”

The opening synth beats lead to us to the singer declaring in the opening verse, “Tonight it’s on/play my song/it’s a celebration,” setting the tone for the pulsating, yet playful dance track. And once the chorus hits, Aguilera launches into a full proclamation, roaring, “I’m a prima donna, I can rule the world, don’t care who’s around me, I can rule the world.”

And there it is, the confident vocalist who is all out of bothers to give, owning the feeling in that moment that she can rule the world. And that’s what’s great about Aguilera; she fearlessly says what’s on her mind and just lays it all out there, judgment be damned.

Granted, “Prima Donna” might be on the lighter side of Bionic, but as Aguilera says in the song, a little fun never hurt nobody.

Here’s to ruling the world. 

Name: Robbie Daw | Location: NYC, USA | Twitter: @ChartRigger

8. “Sex For Breakfast”

I wanted to write up “Not Myself Tonight,” because it was my total trash jam of 2010 (along with Heidi Montag‘s “I’ll Do It,” but that’s another story…), but that witch Floptina grabbed it. So here I am with “Sex For Breakfast.”

Not since Madonna‘s Erotica track “Where Life Begins” has there been a less subtle song by a mainstream pop diva about getting their p***y handled the right way. (The old-school R&B vibe is even reminiscent of said Madge song.) Sample lyric: “Strawberry cream is like a dream, my fantasy is a reality / when morning comes, I know I will too!”

Wait, wait — there’s also this classy gem: “Soon I’m gonna feel your honey drip, my juices start to flow.”

I can’t believe this album flopped. This is some To Be Preserved In The Library Of Congress shit right here!