New Kanye West Song “A Long Time” Previewed By Arcade Fire’s Win Butler: Listen

Carl Williott | May 29, 2015 11:00 am
Ye x Vic x Chance
Watch the three Chicago rappers team up in their home city.

We’re currently experiencing the longest cold streak in Kanye West‘s career as a rapper, so every morsel of new music that pops up is met with a feeding frenzy. The latest piece of chum comes from DJ Windows 98, better known as Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler. Butler was DJing an event last night (May 28) and at one point spun a snippet of what sounds like an unreleased Kanye song, which the internet has dubbed “A Long Time.” (Fittingly, since Ye has been talking up his Yeezus follow-up for nearly two years now.)

The video of that portion of Butler’s set has been taken down, but below we have a super-rough audio clip. It certainly appears to be Yeezy himself intoning, “I’ve been out of my mind a long time… Ayy, you heard about the good news?” but it’s nearly impossible to make out the beat, save for some hi-hats and bass rumbles.

UPDATE: We got asked to yank this down, folks. Lovin’ that…

We have no idea if this is a chunk of material on Swish or just an older scrap, and we have no idea how Butler got his hands on it. Maybe Yeezus was really impressed with the indie rock god’s “Loser”/”Jesus Walks” mashup and decided to give him an exclusive in return. Or maybe Butler is on the album, continuing Ye’s streak of working with sensitive rock dudes (Adam Levine on Late Registration, Chris Martin on Graduation, Justin Vernon on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus).