Shayne Ward’s “The Way You Were” Video Has Him Going After The Girl, Dodging Trappings Of Fame: Watch

Robbie Daw | June 2, 2015 9:57 am
Shayne Ward x Mike Stock Interview
The British singer & legendary producer discuss new album 'Closer'.

Shayne Ward’s “The Way You Were” is absolute pop perfection, so thankfully it’s been lined up as the second single off his latest album Closer. Whereas previous single “My Heart Would Take You Back” showcased Shayne’s soulful tenor and Philly soul leanings, this one has him smack in power-pop territory.

When we spoke to Shayne and producer Mike Stock earlier in the spring, Stock had this to say about “The Way You Were”:

The style of the song, I think we were looking at taking some influences from what’s going around at the moment — some sort of clubbier records that are there. There’s OneRepublic, there’s Calvin Harris and there are a few other things. You know, we didn’t want to make an album that was irrelevant to the modern world, but I think most of these artists to do with modernity are short on content and high on style. So, I’ve always [felt] if I’m going to go for style in a song, it ought to have some content as well.

On that note, we say “mission accomplished,” Mike.

As for the video for “The Way You Were,” you can watch above as Shayne chases after a lovely young lady, only to be constantly interrupted by photographers, makeup artists and stylists. Sigh…you know how it goes —  it sucks to be one of the beautiful people.

Give Shayne’s “The Way You Were” a watch above, and grab his album off iTunes if you like what you hear.

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